AND OUR EYES HAD A CONVERSATION, graphite, 96x110cm, 2021 POA
WANTING, NOT WANTING, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
JUST FOLLOW YOUR EYES, graphite on paper, set of 6 drawings 72x78cm, 2020 POA
WAITING, AND WAITING, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2021 POA
I LIVE ANOTHER LIFE, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
COME CLOSER, graphite on paper roll, 2.2 x 1.5m, 2020 POA
WE ALWAYS HAVE TO TURN AWAY, graphite, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
I LEAVE NO SOUND IN YOUR HOUSE, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 SOLD

Current on-going series depicting hidden pathways, dells and unseen corners within nature that mysteriously replicate something that initially looks cosy but at second glance could be threatening.

Photography by Tim Bowditch

*COME CLOSER is Photographed By Alice Hendy

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