Emma Coop REMEMBERING HOW TO FEEL, graphite on paper, 113x141cm, 2021 POA

Series depicting hidden pathways, dells and unseen corners within nature that mysteriously replicate something that initially looks cosy but at second glance could be threatening.

AND OUR EYES HAD A CONVERSATION, graphite, 96x110cm, 2021 POA
WANTING, NOT WANTING, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
WAITING, AND WAITING, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2021 POA
I LIVE ANOTHER LIFE, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
WE ALWAYS HAVE TO TURN AWAY, graphite, 96x110cm, 2020 POA
I LEAVE NO SOUND IN YOUR HOUSE, graphite on paper, 96x110cm, 2020 SOLD

COME CLOSER, graphite on paper roll, 2.2 x 1.5m, 2020 POA
COME CLOSER installation view at RWA

Photography by Tim Bowditch

*REMEMBERING HOW TO FEEL is Photographed by Lenka Rayn H

*COME CLOSER is Photographed by Alice Hendy

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