Emma Coop lives and works in London. Born in 1976, Manchester, she undertook her BA in Interactive Arts at MMU before going on to complete a PG Dip and MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Recent major exhibitions include: Creekside Open 2019, Wales Contemporary 2020, Expanded Drawing—Air Gallery in 2020 and 168th RWA Open 2021. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, France, Germany and USA.

I explore an affinity with nature and the elements despite living in cities all my life. My drawings document a desire to run in the opposite direction, to escape edges, things and people. Such an ‘escape’ could be experienced via sailing in a small single-handed boat around a dock off the Thames with the thrill-threat of capsize, or getting into nature and following hidden passage ways through woodland to find den-like secret places that may hold secrets, or may not.

There is a restlessness in the work, a drive to create by tenacity which builds a mounting tension akin to an Antonioni film—imagine the amplified sound of the wind whilst the camera forensically roves over grainy black and white landscapes to build suspense from ‘nothing’ such as in Blow Up and L’Aventura.

I draw because of its immediacy: there is a very quick direct link with the act of making that takes me right back to being a child. I use big chunky graphite sticks and the mark-making is gestural and physical. Drawn marks range from very considered light and delicate right through to dense heavily-layered scrawls; in this way each drawing contains a catalogue of gestures and emotions.

I listen to music while I draw and sometimes lyrics repeat in my head and creep in as a title—especially the angsty-heartache of Robert Smith. These titles play with ambiguity and vulnerability. The landscape in this sense becomes a metaphor for a lover, and in turn brings into focus our own relationship with nature in the Anthropocene age.

2022 I LIVE ANOTHER LIFE, Studio 1.1, London
2021 SLIPPING OUT OF MY ORDINARY EYES, Gallery of The Giants, Wiltshire
2018 ON THE EDGE, Lodestone Creative, Bowling, Scotland
2017 THE SAME DEEP WATER, The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester (with Darren Nixon)
2002 THERE TO HERE, Tmesis Gallery, Manchester
2001 INTERIOR LANDSCAPE, Glass Box Gallery Salford

2022 THIS YEARS MODEL:3, Studio 1.1, London
2022 ANOTHER GREEN WORLD, Art Hub Gallery, London
2022 PASTEL SOCIETY, Mall galleries, London
2021 THIS YEAR’S MODEL, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
2021 I DIDN’T LICK IT, Bruton Museum, Somerset
2021 Cancelled WALES CONTEMPORARY, Oxo Tower Gallery, London
2021 RWA 168th ANNUAL OPEN, RWA, Bristol
2020 WALES CONTEMPORARY, Waterfront Gallery, Milford Haven
2020 DRAWING BEYOND ITSELF, Air Gallery, Manchester
2020 DRAWING BEYOND ITSELF, virtual show, http://www.artsteps.com
2020 FERENS OPEN, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
2019 WE EACH HAVE OUR OWN LANDSCAPE, Lewisham Art House, London
2019 BLUE MIND, 3rd on 3rd Gallery, Jamestown, NY
2019 CREEKSIDE OPEN: selected by BRIAN GRIFFITHS, APT Gallery, London
2018 EDITION 5: HIDE AND SEEK, 44AD Gallery, Bath
2018 ART FEAST, Someth1ng Gallery, London
2018 THRESHOLDS, Gonzo Unit, Thessaloniki, Greece
2018 MURMURATION, ICE Space, Bath Fringe, Bath
2018 SIGHTLINES, Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol
2017 THE SAME DEEP WATER, The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester
2017 EVOLVE DAMN IT, Camberwell Arts Festival, London
2016 PROOF, Art Hub Gallery, London
2016 THIS YEAR’S MODEL: DEEP SPACE, Studio 1.1, London
2016 RE:COUNT, Someth1ng Gallery, London
2016 LOOKING UP, Studio 1.1, London
2016 SIXTY, Art Athina, Art Fair, Athens
2016 SIXTY, Lubomirov / Angus Hughes, London
2016 KEEP ME POSTED, Art Hub Gallery, London
2016 COVER VERSION, Studio 73 Gallery, London
2016 LOVE & LOSS WE’RE ALL JUST ANIMALS, Someth1ng Gallery, London
2016 ART CONVERTERS, Studio 1.1, London
2015 SEASONAL FAIR, Chalton Gallery, London
2015 SEASONAL FAIR, Someth1ng Gallery, London
2015 BAZAAR, Lubomirov / Angus Hughes, London
2015 ART NOUVEAU, Studio 73 Gallery, London
2015 UNTITLED, Someth1ng Gallery, London
2015 CHEMCRAFT, Espacio Gallery, London
2015 THE PRINT EXHIBITION, ArtHub Gallery, London
2006 UNTIL IT MAKES SENSE, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris
2006 UNTIL IT MAKES SENSE, Seventeen Gallery, London
2006 WHO CARES ABOUT GREEK ART?, Independent space, Athens
2005 I.E. Video Archive, Independent space, London
2005 HER UP STAIRS, Open studio, Temporary Contemporary, London
2004 Video Symposium, Rhotas 2 Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan
2004 Experimental Video Art, Puratha University, Thailand
2001 SUMMER BIENNALE, International 3 Gallery, Manchester
2000 YOU ARE HERE, Holden Gallery, Manchester
2000 MAN MOMA, International 3 Gallery, Manchester

2021 Residency at Devonshire Road Nature Reserve, London
2021 Bruton Correspondence Course, Bruton
2018 Residency at Lodestone Creative, Bowling, Scotland
2017 Great Medical Disaster, with Darren Nixon, Manchester

2016 WINNER, SIXTY, Lubomirov / Angus Hughes gallery, London
2016 Winner, People’s Choice Award, KEEP ME POSTED, Art Hub, London


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Private collections in UK, Germany, France and USA

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