One minute video clip played looped on small screen, laid flat on low plinth, dimensions variable

The title is taken from Sonnet LXX by romantic poet Charlotte Smith. This work depicts a film of the undulations and ripples on the surface of the river Clyde. Filmed from the Erskine bridge above, the river looks captivating, but is a notorious suicide spot. The accompanying audio which initially sounds akin to the lull of the waves is in-fact the unrelenting noise of traffic racing past in close proximity. 


Horatio McCulloch’s painting of the Clyde (1858)



Photographic set of 18 prints

Edition of 3, POA

Made during my residency at Bowling Harbour, Scotland, this work references two other artists; Horatio McCulloch and Bas Jan Ader. McCulloch’s 1858 painting The Clyde from Dalnottar Hill depicts a view in close proximity to the location of my residency.

I decided to attempt to find the spot where McCulloch had stood to view this vista. Due to the urbanity of the landscape the view is now mainly obscured, however the main difference to the view was the Erskine Bridge, an addition that has spanned the Clyde since 1971. I approached the bridge with some unease as along with its height and oppressive proximity to speeding cars it has a notorious reputation for suicide. However as I walked across the bridge McCulloch’s view was appearing between the horizontal barrier bars.

The view was finally visible and standing on the bridge it appeared strangely unchanged, but the context was overwhelming; that this was the last glimpsed view of the suicidal held a certain poignancy when framed within the context of the Romantic era and the legacy of the sublime. 

A set of 18 photographic prints, document this journey, mimicking the format of Bas Jan Ader’s 1973 work In Search of the Miraculous.


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