Emma Coop REASON’S EYE, graphite on paper, approx 37x28cm, 2019
Emma Coop EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS WANDERING, graphite on rice paper, 54x74cm, 2019
Emma Coop DARK OBLITERATING COURSE, crayon, pastel, graphite on paper panels, 42x60cm, 2019
DARKLING WAY, graphite on paper, 15x10cm, 2018
Emma Coop, IT’S LOWER NOW AND SLOWER NOW, graphite on paper (29.5X21CM), 2018
Emma Coop DISMANTLED FALL, graphite on paper, 21×29.7cm, 2019
A VOYAGE OF PARTS, graphite and charcoal on paper each 21x29cm, series, 2018
Emma Coop, AFFECTED, graphite on rice paper (50x80cm), 2017
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